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Rainbow's GM App. [REVAMPED]

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1 Rainbow's GM App. [REVAMPED] on Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:05 am


Name: Jake Paladichuk

In-Game Name: Rainbow

Age (Birth-date): 14.

Timezone: EST - Ontario, Canada -

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Reborns: 22 (Edit)

How long have you been playing MoonlightStory?
2 Days :) (As of now)
How long have you been on the forums?
Bout a day.

How long are you able to be on?
Maybe 3 hours a day. 10 Hours on weekends.
Unless something comes up. (Example: Injury, Family Issues, ETC.)

What do you like about MoonlightStory? Why are you applying here?
All my friends are here, it's non-laggy. The community is great, economy is stable, its flawless. I'm applying here because I feel like I could be a big help on developing/advertising the MoonlightStory community. Of course. I help/welcome new players. I TALK with new players. I won’t just be like;
“Hey.” “Bye.” I’d let them know about me, and maybe we’ll soon become friends. Ya’Never’Know. Also. One thing about me is a give everyone a voice of opinion. I WILL NOT decline ban appeals if i havent heard an opinion from THEM, and the person who told them off.

Are you currently a GameMaster on another server?
I am not. I just got back to Pservers.

How many servers have you applied to during the past 4 weeks?

What are you pros and cons? List them and explain.
- I am experienced in dealing with drama.
- I am experienced in dealing with hackers.
- I am experienced in dealing with crowds of people.
- I am nice, funny, and easy going.
- I am funny, but serious when I need to be.
- I give excellent advice. I was in my high-schools advice column for a bit,
- Not only am I intelligent, I also have common sense.
- I am a perfectionist, if its not done perfect, its a failure.

I'm gonna be 100% honest here,
I get stressed out easily. If I'm overwhelmed I take it out on people. Usually Sammy LOL.
Also, I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes.

How can you contribute to MoonlightStory?
I can contribute to MLS by inviting others, dealing with drama,
handling events, handling haxxorz. Also, I am taking up photoshop so if you guys
need a banner, I can make one for you. I can handle events, give reasonable rewards, and maybe organize some community events also.
If you need someone to look out for hackers? Im Here.
If you need someone to talk to? Im Here.
If you need help regarding the server OR even IRL? Im here.
If you need an item for free, GM scrolled 1000 Times? Im not here.
I'll pretty much do whatever people tell me too. Unless I dont have the ability to do the task. (Example: Jumping off a building. XD)
Look, if there's one thing about me, I am very effecient. I'm an expert multitasker. I can handle noobs, sing to music, do homework, and talk with friends AT THE SAME TIME.
So if you ever need me to take over something, (event, situation, whatever.) Then i'll always be there.

What do you think a GM is?
I think a GM is someone who is responsible. Someone who can deal with many different conflicts, situations, problems, and more. I also think a GM should know how to, well, be a GM.

Do you have any experience in being a GM?
I've been a temp GM on KyraMS, -closed-
full GM on SparkStory, -closed-
& a GM on a runescape server, OniScape. -open, i quit runescape-

What is your favorite thing to do as a GM?
I'd have to be honest here, I like to ban hackers. LOL.
That is, only if i'm sure they are hackin'.

Would you abuse the power of being a GM?

Pretend someone has scammed a person with a precious item (rare item, GM-Scrolled item, etc.) How will you react to solve such a situation?

If I know for a FACT that they scammed it, I would ban the scammer, contact Prascal & ask for permission to give the player his item back.

Pretend someone is Vac Hacking and Summon Hacking, how will you react?

If I was sure that they were hacking, I'd ban them without warning.

How would judge your own personality?
I would honestly say I'm a decent guy.
I'm funny sometimes, and serious when I need to be.
I have insane reflexes, as I have won COD tournaments and Guitar Hero Tourneys.
Also, I'm a really smart kid. I maintained a 90 average through elementary school, and I am just skipping through high school, It's nothing for me. Also, I'm active on a few forums. Gamekiller, a hacking site, I have about 900 posts there, & VibrantFX, a GFX site, I think i have bout 200 pieces of art on that site.

Any other words you would like to add?
First off,
Thank you for taking the time to read my app,
I put about a couple hours work on it.
I'd like to mention that I know I could be a great addition to the staff of MLS, and IF I get chosen, I'd be sure to improve this server as much as possible. Just saying, I have 674 contacts on MSN and half of them play v83 servers. hah.

2 Re: Rainbow's GM App. [REVAMPED] on Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:08 pm


Denied We are looking for someone that is more active,

Thanks for applying.

Best Regards,

Owner of Moonlightstory
Skype: AssassinGuard (The Netherlands)

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