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Suggestion List v0.2

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1 Suggestion List v0.2 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:21 am



This will be the Suggestion List v.01.

In-Game Suggestions.
1. Spread the NPC's or Create a custom map for all of them.
2. Custom Names & Custom Guild Names.
3. Custom Mobs that drop MoonFlowers in Free Market 22 (Accesable once a day)
4. Make a Clear Inventory Command.
5. Add @BuyMoon & @SellMoon.
6. Change the Daily Prize.
7. MoonlightStory Party Quest.
8. Boss Spawner.
9. Change @Home to Henesys Hunting Ground One
10. @Nx4Moon or @BuyNx
11. Lady Gaga.
12. Custom JQ.
13. IOC NPC.
14. More Medals in the Medal NPC.
15. Higher Rates.
16. Lobby (Hangout)
17. GM Scroll NPC.
18. Custom Maps.
19. More Mounts (Custom?)
20. Super Rebirths.
21. Advanced Guilds (Guild HQ, Guild Points)
22. PvP (Boys vs. Girls)
23. Custom Player NPC.
24. @Potion.
25. Weddings (Ring Effect)
26. Rankings (Wealth, Fishing, Cooking)
27. MoonlightPoints.
28. Occupations.
29. Extra Chanels.
30. Tetris Exchanger. (For MoonFlowers)

Forum Suggestions.
1. Forum Banner

Website Suggestions.
1. Improve Website.

Free Market Spawns.
FM8- Snails (Red, Blue, Green)
FM9- Scorpions and Trojans
FM10- Mushmom
Fm11- Blue Mushmom
Fm12- Gallopera's
FM13- Skelegons
Fm14- Skelegons
FM15- Skelesaurus
FM16- Zakum Arms
FM17- Scarlet Phoenix
FM18- Headless Horseman
FM19- Headless Horseman
FM20- Black Crows
FM21- Black Crows
FM22- The Boss

More will be added in the future.


Patrick Benner
Founder of MoonlightStory
Skype: MoonlightStoryPatt

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