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Suggestions :D!

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1 Suggestions :D! on Mon May 16, 2011 7:36 am


Well here are some of my suggestion on events and commands.

Find the Golden Ticket
The GM should pick any town in MS. That GM goes into the town and places three 5220001 - Event Tickets in random points in the town, whether it's in a shop, house, or in plain sight. Now the GM tells the players what town the tickets are in. The players start to search and once all the tickets are found, the players who have a ticket are to give the ticket to the GM to recieve a prize. To be fair, a player may only pick up one ticket each so that there are three winners in the end.
**Would be best to have 3 GMs doing this event. Each GM would drop one ticket in the spot of their choice and then stay in hide watching the ticket. If it disappears before its found the GM could drop another ticket in its place and continue doing so until its found.

Name the Item

This whole event works a lot like the Trivia/Jeopardy, except you drop items and they have to name it, instead of asking questions. They must say out loud the CORRECT FULL NAME of the item. Punctuation such as quotes, brackets etc counts. First person to answer correctly gets a point. First person to reach 5 or 10 points wins.

@emo- Kills yourself to warp you to the nearest town if your stuck.
@cloak- It a Player's hide and only will be revealed to other players if they get hit or hits a monster. GM's can see through players like dark sight.(Useful for T/F)

Thanks for reading my suggestion!


2 Re: Suggestions :D! on Tue May 17, 2011 9:28 am


Finding the golden ticket -Kind of intresting

Guess the item - We already have it

@emo - This is to prevent some player to abuse it in one way or another

@cloak - Player can hit in darkside. no point adding this command.

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