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ThickResidue's Game Master Application.

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1 ThickResidue's Game Master Application. on Sun May 15, 2011 4:59 pm


My Name is Peter
My In Game Name will be ThickResidue
Im 15 years old born January 3, 1996
I live Pacific Tim (US & Canada)
Palm Spring, California
I Have 0 Rebirths
I Just started playing today on May 15, 2011
I been on forums for at least a day
I have Testing this Month of may so my schedule on playing is hard to find out
I like MoonlightStory because the server is still running and have many people playing
I am GMs in one server called featherstory (currently down)
MoonLightMs & GGMS are the gm app i applied for the last 4 weeks
Pro-I can help with coding and can spawn mobs since i have gm handbook, i am good with people
Cons- I get very impatient if i have to wait longer than 1 hour for something xD
I playing a lot on weekend so i can help player online with the server
Gm have a good amount of control and should recieve respect from players
Yes i have experience being a gm
My favorite thing being a gm is spying on characters when training and spawn random things
If a GM told me to stop spawning i would stop because i kno they are higher authority than me
I would tell the scammer to return the item or tell a person higher ranked than me or jail them
I would first tell them that theres no point in hacking and if they continue i will tell a higher rank
I would judge my personality as a nice, hard working, and helpful guy
I think this server will succeed and many people will join to play this awesome server.

Best Regards,

Owner of Moonlightstory
Skype: AssassinGuard (The Netherlands)

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