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MoonlightStory Package Guide.

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1 MoonlightStory Package Guide. on Sat May 14, 2011 3:25 am


This will be divided up into sections showing all the guides.
Here is the Error Code guide.
Error code: -2147467259
You need to update your drivers.

Vista -
Windows 7 - Option1 or Option 2

It could also be your graphics driver, so check that too.
Error code: 10093
This is a problem with Windows Vista users.
1.Click Start then go to all programs > accessories > command prompt
2.Right click command prompt and click 'run as administrator'.
3.On the command prompt box type:
4.netsh winsock reset
***Press enter and restart your computer***. You should not get the error anymore.
Error Code -2147287038
This error is caused by a missing WZ file in your MapleStory v83 folder. The most common cause is a missing mob.wz. This error also happens if you have editted/custom files from other servers in your v83 folder. Just install v83 into a new folder just for Moonlightstory
Which is available in my clean WZ files here
Error 38
Common error which is a frequent occurence. Simply restart the client.
Server check/Firewall
If you get an error saying there is a server check or your firewall may be blocking your connection, try disabling any antivirus you have and re-download the client. Disabling your firewall may also solve the problem. That or your client may be out of date. Also MAKE SURE YOUR MAPLE IS V83
Get the new client Here
ijl15.dll missing
The Moonlightstory client has not been placed into your version 83 folder. Put the client where your v83 folder is and open the client from there.
DC after PIC
Usually caused by Firewalls, try disabling it.
Also. Disable your Loopback Adapter. That's mostly what causes problems.
Can not get pass login
Run the client as an admin.
If problems continues, wait until a server restart.
If other players can get online Go to Start/Controll pannel/Internet Connections and disable all microsoft loopbacks.
Stuck in character selection
Your character is stuck ingame, type in fixme as the password at the login page and then log in as normal. If you had gone to a bossmap (ie Zakum or Horntail, etc) and dced and got stuck, then you'll have to wait until the next server restart.
Account does not exist/ Unregistered I.D.
Most common error for this is, you installed v83 into the same folder as your normal GMS or other versions. Make a new folder on the desktop or where ever and name it something youll remember like v83Maple. Then install v83 into the new folder, put Moonlightstory in the same folder and log in now. If this doesn't work, your account might have been deleted, please talk to an admin for this.

Problem: "Maplestory has stopped working".

Soulution: Install v83 to your desktop.
Problem: Error 10093
Soulution: Go to your start menu. Type command promt. Run as a adminstrator. Ctrl>shift>enter and type netsh winsock reset. Press enter.
After that. Restart your comp. You won't get that error anymore.
Problem: Error 40
Soulution: - Copy CProgramData into your address bar and hit enter.

- Locate a folder named Nexon and delete it. If you have both, delete them both.

- Try logging in after you installed in your desktop.

- Reinstall. Run Ms again.

- Success. Everything is fine now
Problem: Error 30
Soulution: Fix 1:
1: right click the AVG tray icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

2: Left click open AVG user Interface

3: Click "Tools" on the toolbar and goto Advanced Settings

4: click the + next to resident shield and then goto Exceptions (it could be called something else in a different version, but it'll sound similar)

5: click add/addpath (again different versions say different things) then, using the box that opens, navigate to the folder MS is installed in and hit OK, then apply. Don't close the AVG.

Fix 2:

1: Now goto PUP Exceptions and once again click add

2: Navigate to Ms (where you installed it) by clicking the '...' button in the top right

3: add Ms and click Apply
Problem: Maplestory -2147467259
.WZ Files

If you screwed up .wz editing and know which file you corrupted:


James aka. Me . vendetta
Problem: Error 11004
Soulution: Uninstall all your maplestory. Redownload. Reinstall. You won't get that error anymore.
Problem Error 43
Soulution: Step 1 - Download a maplestory 43 error repair tool,install this error repair tool.
* Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan your pc for free.
* Step 3 - Then click the Repair All button again and your done.


How to download MoonlightStory

**Few Tips Before You Start**
You shouldnt really have alot of private servers in your folder. Some of them mess the game up. [Discovery MS]
Also. Make sure your Loopback Adapter is turned off. This prevents you from not Disconnecting at the PIC stage.
Also, For precautionary reasons, Just get rid of all your other old Maplestory Setups. You can delete your GMS or EMS or JMS or KMS If you want, Its optional.

This is a tutorial of how to download a Maplestory Private Server[Moonlight]. As you can see, the link above me shows you how to do it through a youtube video, but I decided to give you some text also.
Just letting you know, The text is more descriptive.

Step 1.
Go to
Register, of course.
Head into the downloads section, and start downloading the v83 setup. This could take minutes for yours to finish the download, or it can take possible up to an hour. Depends on your computer. After you have finished, you should make a new folder, and then you can install your v83 files into that folder. Then you can proceed into downloading the MoonlightStory client. This download takes up to less than a minute. No worries.

Step 2.
After the moonlight client has finished downllading, All you do is drag your MoonlightStory client into that v83 folder, start it up, and your done! Congratulations, you have just downloaded MoonlightStory successfully!

Always run it as Administrator if your using Windows 7!
If you are using windows vista, Then you're fine.
If you have followed all these rules then you should be ready to go!

If there is anything I missed, Feel free to comment and i'll add it right away.
Beginners guide to rebirthing!

Yes, You may have noticed. I always have a video for the lazy people. I applaud the people who read the text because it's more detailed and descriptive.

Getting started
Make your new character. Just do the normal stuff. Finding the right name, Custimization of your look, All that jazz. After that is done. Talk to the NPC 'Administrator'and he will warp you to the Beginning map where you will have to kill some monsters and have to level to 20. Pretty simple. Nothing too hard for you. After that is finished, you will be warped into the next map, where you shall receive your starter pack. You'll like what you will get, trust me :)

Getting In-Game
I'm sure you are like completely clueless and dont know where to go now.
You should know a few starting commands.
@fm or @henesys. That warps you to that specific spot.
@fmnpc. That's our all in one seller. You can get all your items there.
@job. You can choose your job and advance and what not.
Now that that's done. You can go to the FM rooms and just train to 200. It's pretty easy!
After thats done. You can do either @rebirthflower , @rebirthexp , @rebirthcyg, @rebirtha. The last 3 are the jobs to Aran, KoC or Explorer.
@rebirthflower however, Rebirths you to a map where you can kill mobs which drop our currency. Moon Flowers! So much you can get with that. Just look around Henesys.

If you think I should add more just say so. Hope you enjoy your time in MoonLight and hope this helped!
Remove Lightbulb Above Your Head

Step 1: Download:


Step 2: Drag and drop
Click the quest.wz. Hold down the left click button. Move to the v83 folder. Done

Step 3: Play
Double click on client. Enter your Log-in ID. Enter your password. World selection. Select World. Select channel. Select character. Type in any random PIC. Black screen for 3 seconds. Entered in the game. NO LIGHT BULB?!?!?!?
More will be added when more things are done. Good day to you.


2 Re: MoonlightStory Package Guide. on Sat May 14, 2011 5:58 am


Awesome guide!
Definitely will help the new players.

3 Re: MoonlightStory Package Guide. on Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:12 pm


why you steal guide hm?

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