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AuraShadows GM App

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1 AuraShadows GM App on Tue May 10, 2011 1:52 pm


Daniel but all calls me Dan

In-Game Name:

Age (Birth-date):
21 13th July




How long have you been playing MoonlightStory?
Started today

How long have you been on the forums?
Join Today

How long are you able to be on?
Around 6~8 hours a day maybe more

What do you like about MoonlightStory?
The fact that its a catchy name and that i am intressted about the space so i would say the name made me intressted in it^^

Why are you applying here?
Im wanna try make a change^^

Are you currently a GameMaster on another server?
Well i was GameMaster on HeliosMS but the server is down from what i heard.

How many servers have you applied to during the past 4 weeks?
Only this.

What are you pros and cons? List them and explain.
-Im friendly and a good listener.
-I can take critism to a certain point then i will excuse me and go away to cool down before i do something irrational.

-I can be hasty and really eager but then its cause i wanna try make a change. It can be both good and bad.
-If i get stuck at some point i can over analyze it and that can lead to abit more thinking then needed.

How can you contribute to MoonlightStory?
Friendly attitude and a devoted player when it comes to it.
Maybe a few ideas on maps that might can be changed and added into some kind of event/sport arena.
Im not low on ideas its just how i/someone else can use the same idea.

What do you think a GM is?
A GameMaster is someone who listens to the players.
Show respect to everyone and not only favorize a certain person.
Helps out with tasks on the server and outside the server aswell.
Banners,Event planning,ingame bug hunting and more.
A GM isnt only a person who is around to sit down and do nothing a gm is someone who sits down listens while keeps and eye out for potential bugs/hackers/abusers.

Do you have any experience in being a GM?
Yes i have been GM on HeliosMS and also had 2 own servers but they wherent that big.

What is your favorite thing to do as a GM?
Help fellow players with questions and problems.

Would you abuse the power of being a GM?
No i know the responsability is huge but if i didnt think i could handle the power and the privilegde of having these powers i wouldnt apply to help out the people of MoonLight.

Pretend someone has scammed a person with a precious item (rare item, GM-Scrolled item, etc.) How will you react to solve such a situation?
-warp the 2 people to a map (example jail) where the people cant use @home/@go or press trade so they cant leave the map untill he either drop the item for the person or gives it.
if he refuse i will give the scammed person a simular item /allmost same stats (unscrolled) but simular stats for the item. Then leave the scamming person in jail for a certain amount of time untill he either deside to drop the item or gives it to me or an other GM.

Pretend someone is Vac Hacking and Summon Hacking, how will you react?
-IF i would get one of these reports from other players i would go into hide and keep an eye on this person untill i have clear evidence of the hacking (example Screen shot) and then i would confront him and then if he just loggs off i ban the account name.

How would judge your own personality?
Im mostly a glad and positive person but if i have a bad day i dont spread it to everyone.
I mostly talk about it with someone i can trust and know that can give advice on how to handle it.
I am openminded towards everyone and i dont judge people from the 1st until i get to know the person in question.

Any other words you would like to add?
I hope you liked reading all this^^
I fell inlove with the server cause i found out i know like alot of people on it =D

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2 Re: AuraShadows GM App on Tue May 10, 2011 1:55 pm


nice app looks like you spent some time on it =)

3 Re: AuraShadows GM App on Tue May 10, 2011 1:56 pm



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