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SYNC's Forum Mod App ^^

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1 SYNC's Forum Mod App ^^ on Fri May 06, 2011 4:52 am


What is ur name? My full name is Shriraj Vijay kanase, but kindly, call me Shri. :)

How old are you? I am currently 13 years old. Some people think that since I'm young, I can't handle any position, but trust me, I'm 13 but have a mind of a 23 year old person. :)

Where do you live, What is ur Timezone? My timezone is GMT (Pacific Time Zone) I live in California.

How many hours a day could you be on the Forums?
I have a lot of school work on my computer so, I may be on for like 7-8 hours or so. :)
Have you got any past experience with being a Forum Moderator? No, I don't have any experience with being a Forum Moderator, so this will be the first time if I pass. (:

How would you handle a Forum Spammer? I will tell them to please stop. If they don't stop after I have asked kindly, I will kick them. If they come back and continue spamming, I will ban them for 1-6 hours. Even if then, they dont stop, I shall have no choice but to perm ban them, which I hope that I don't have to do. (:

Do you want to add something to ur Application?
I will always be here when any owner has to go somewhere. Pascal can always rely on me if he has to leave. I will always be there to help a new member with anything he/she wants.

Thanks for reading my application!

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